The Results

We couldn’t find a better printing and fulfillment partner than Graphic Village. They, like other printers, have the capacity to print whatever is needed, whether digital or on-press; they can do variable data printing and fulfillment. What makes Graphic Village different is their commitment to customer service. They never miss a deadline—they never go over budget. Most importantly, they will go above and beyond to meet ‘unrealistic’ deadlines, which can happen to all of us in this business. Graphic Village makes us look great with our customers—we can’t ask for more than that!”


Archbishop Moeller High School
Archbishop Moeller High School is located in Cincinnati, OH. It is a Catholic boys high school in the Marianist tradition devoted to developing leadership in young men.

The Problem
Donations, particularly those made as part of their annual fund drive, were not where they needed to be. Unless they improved, the school would need to cut costs, probably by increasing tuition, reducing the number of new students, cutting programs or some combination of the above.

The Solution
We developed a multi-touch marketing campaign for the 2010 Annual Fund Drive effectively combining personal direct mail, e-mail and personalized websites. Appeals to individual potential donors were tailored according to the data we had and included text, picture and video components. We made it easy for people to donate using a variety of methods and timed the direct mail and e-mail portions of the campaign so that e-mail messages were delivered the same day as the direct mail piece.

The Results
That year’s Annual Fund Drive was a phenomenal success, generating a 400% increase in donations over the previous year.

results-letterDear Larry,

Here is a quick letter of recommendation for your stable of companies. In today’s time it is very rare to find companies that time after time meet and exceed our expectations the way you do. We have consistently challenged you with demands, deadlines and constant last minute changes and alterations, and you have always delivered with quality and service. The attention to detail your company provides is world class!

We can always count on you to perform and your “CAN DO ATTITUDE” is refreshing. The value of a dependable supplier is priceless. I have and will continue to recommend any company that has to count on performance to use your services.”


results-letterDear Larry,

I wanted to drop you a letter and let you know how much value the service you company provides. The projects on which Graphic Village has worked have always been produced on time, within budget, and at a superior level of quality.

However, you really outdid yourselves on a recent project. Tasked with producing ten multi-page booklets with distribution requirements, Graphic Village made the experience seem effortless from beginning to end. From quoting the job on various paper options to purchasing the paper in bulk to printing the various quantities to managing the strict packaging and distribution requirements, the process was seamless and worry-free. Your recommendations help keep this project under budget and deliver within a strict, end-of-fiscal deadline, which benefitted our company. (OK, and it made me look good, too.)

I truly enjoy working with Graphic Village for an integrated marketing solution. I want to thank you and everyone at your company (including Kathy, Kim, Karen, Tom, etc.) for making my job easier. I would enthusiastically recommend Graphic Village to anyone looking for a dependable company with your record of consistently high-quality results.


results-letterDear Pete and Larry,

Thank you for making my job so much easier! Graphic Village plays an important role in our operation. The marketing department used to receive several phone calls on a daily basis regarding general marketing and center specific materials. Since going online with your company those calls have become virtually extinct.

It feels as if Graphic Village is an extension of our company; your staff knows our materials as well as we do. Your team handles the orders of 70+ centers effortlessly and efficiently; they are knowledgeable and always ready to help. I know that if we need an emergency shipment of materials to a center, your team will get the job done!

Thank you for the past two years of service and I am looking forward to working with you in the future.